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2012 Papers

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Author(s) Title
Greg Stanek Nesting Multiple Box Plots and Blockplots using GTL and Lattice Overlay 
Akkarapol Sa-ngasoongsor An analysis of customer preference of automobile products using SAS. 
Carl Raish Slides
Carl Raish Using SAS to Read From And Write To EXCEL Workbooks Set Up as Templates Which Are Not Set Up In Columns
Charles Minard Overlaying Scatter Plots on Box Plots in the Presence of Ties
Chris Schacherer SAS® Data Management Techniques:  Cleaning and transforming data for delivery of analytic datasets
Chris Schacherer The SAS® Programmer's Guide to XML and Web Services
Daniel Sakya SAS HASH Programming Basics
Debbie Buck SAS® Dates: Facts, Formats, and Functions
Drew Turner When was my data last updated? How to automate data monitoring and notification.
Elisa Priest Keep it Organized: A Grad Student "How To" Paper
Fujiang Wen Intervention Analysis of Water Consumption for Utilities Using Different Time-Series Models
Gabriela Cantu Dirty Data? Clean it up with SAS. 
Harjanto Djunaidi Institutional Research Intelligent: Go Beyond Reporting
Harjanto Djunaidi Predicting Students Enrollment Using SAS
Hemalkumar Mehta Enhansing SAS output with Output Delivery System (ODS)
Hemalkumar Mehta The Effect of Adding the Chronic Disease Score to the Charlson Comorbidity Score in Predicting Mortality in Type – II Diabetes Patients: An Application of Reclassification Measures
Jingjing Qu Net Present Value Model Approach
Jose Garcia-Mazcorro Use and Applications of JMP® in Microbial Ecology 
Julie VanBuskirk Automating the Creation of Complex PowerPoints
Julie VanBuskirk Picture Perfect Graphing with Statistical Graphics Procedures
Kirk Lafler An Introduction to SAS® Hash Programming Techniques
Kirk Lafler Basic SAS® PROCedures for Producing Quick Results
Kirk Lafler Exploring DICTIONARY Tables and SASHELP Views
Kirk Lafler Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® and JMP® Users
Kirk Lafler Output Delivery System (ODS) ? Simply the Basics
Kirk Lafler SAS® Programming Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Lisa Mendez Two Methods to Merge Data onto Every Observation in Another Dataset
Lu Gan Using SAS to locate and rename external files
Peter Eberhardt A Cup of Coffee and PROC FCMP: I Cannot Function Without Them
Peter Eberhardt The SAS® DATA Step: Where Your Input Matters
Philip Easterling The Effective Use of Business Analytics 
Rob Caudill Identical SAS IntrNet code
Rob Caudill JavaScript menu that submits SAS/IntrNet Report code
Robert Wickham A SAS MACRO for estimating bootstrapped confidence intervals in dyadic regression models.
Sandra Minjoe POSTER: ADaM Implications of the CDER Data Standards Common Issues Document
Steve Fleming Enterprise Guide for New and Experienced SAS Users
Steve Yan Application of SAS in Product Testing in Retail Business
Toby Dunn The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


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