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Super Demos

SAS® Super Demos at SCSUG 2011

Come learn the latest in an intimate environment. Demos are held in the SAS Demo Theater in the Demo Room. All start on the hour and last 30 minutes or less. Two are repeated.

  1. Sandwich Your SAS Dataset to Excel Pivot Tables, Charu Shankar
    Monday, 9am / Tuesday, 10am

    Excel is universally loved. So SAS found a way to bring excel into SAS for users to analyze data. Users now ask "Great, I can analyze my data in SAS, but my end users don't have SAS on their desktops. How can I give them SAS data in excel form". We'll go even further, instead of taking SAS into a standard Excel workbook, what if you could take SAS to an excel pivot table? Now you can with this sandwich technique. In this demo watch how quickly you can take a SAS dataset to excel pivot tables. See how in minutes, the Excel table shapes and forms right under your own eyes.

  2. SAS 9.3 Deployment: A Sure Bet!, Donna Bennett
    Monday, 11am 

    See the winning hand SAS® deals you with new SAS® 9.3 deployment features, including enhancements to installation, migration and depot subsetting.

  3. Top Ten Steps to Prepare for a Migration, Donna Bennett
    Tuesday, 11am

    Before you move your SAS deployment to a new version (or a new machine), you need to plan and prepare. This presentation provides a quick overview to help you streamline your migration and avoid potholes along the way.

  4. New Features in PROC FORMAT for SAS 9.3, Rick Langston
    Monday, 10am / Monday 4pm

    Several new features in PROC FORMAT that have been requested have been implemented in SAS 9.3 and will be described. Among the new features are functions-as-labels, Perl regular expressions for informats, duration specifications in picture formats and locale-specific format catalogs.

  5. ITRM – SAS IT Resource Management New Features, MP Welch
    Tuesday, 8am

    Find out what all of the excitement is about with the latest version of SAS/ITRM Solution designed to provide the power to know everything about all of your company's IT systems. This newest version was built from the ground up with all of the best features of the SAS 9.3 Platform and then added on Flash/Flex technology too. Come and see it live!

  6. Fitting Bayesian Random-Effects Models Using PROC MCMC, Funda Gunes
    Tuesday, 9am

    This demonstration will show how the new RANDOM statement in the MCMC procedure can be used to fit Bayesian random-effects models.

  7. ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.3, Funda Gunes
    Monday, 2pm

    This super demo presents the essential information you need to get started with ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.3.

  8. So, What is JMP®?: An Introduction to Interactive Analytics, Jami Hampton
    Monday, 3pm

    JMP is statistical discovery software that is visual, interactive, extendible and complete with deep analytics. It enables you to explore data on your desktop in multiple ways and move quickly from one visualization to another, from one discovery to the next. And JMP expands your analytic options by easily connecting to other software, including SAS, R and Microsoft® Excel.

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