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2012 Keynote Speaker


  Abstract Keynote: Big Data and High Performance Analytics
This talk introduces Hadoop, and describes the features we have added to SAS recently to make processing data in Hadoop easier.
Paul Kent is Vice President of Big Data initiatives at SAS. He spends his time between Customers, Partners and the Research & Development teams discussing, evangelizing and developing software at the confluence of big data and high performance computing. A datacenter rack full of current-generation 64bit x86 processors represents a very large aggregate memory space, thousands of threads and plentiful IO that can be harnessed to solve problems at a much larger scale than we have traditionally been accustomed to. Paul was previously Vice President of the Platform R&D division at SAS and lead groups responsible for the SAS foundation and mid-tier technologies — Teams that develop, maintain and test Base SAS®, as well as related data access, storage, management, presentation, connectivity and middleware software products. Paul joined SAS in 1984 and has contributed to the development of SAS software components including PROC SQL, TCP/IP connectivity, the Output Delivery System (ODS) and more recently the Inside-Database and High-Performance initiatives. A strong customer advocate, Paul is widely recognized within the SAS community for his active participation in the community and at local and international user conferences.


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