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2014 Papers

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Author(s) Title
R. Scottt Alcorn The Call Execute Routine with Metadata: A Powerful Tool for Data Loading
Rob Caudill Using SAS to retrieve data from submitted on-line Excel templates
Alejandro Farias Information Map Studio – Map Your Way through the Data
Steve Fleming Building Better Credit Scores using Reject Inference and SAS
Karush Jaggi, Ameya Jadhavar, & Prithvi Raj Sirookar Exploratory Analysis to Identify High Risk Towing Zones
Kirk Paul Lafler A Review of "Free" Massive Open Online Content (MOOC) for SAS® Learners
Kirk Paul Lafler Basic SAS® PROCedures for Quick Results
Kirk Paul Lafler Conditional Processing Using the Case Expression in PROC SQL
Kirk Paul Lafler Exploring the PROC SQL _METHOD Option
Kirk Paul Lafler Exploring the SAS® Metadata DICTIONARY Tables and SASHELP Views
Kirk Paul Lafler Five Little Known, But Highly Valuable and Widely Usable, PROC SQL Programming Techniques
Kirk Paul Lafler Output Delivery System (ODS) Tips and Techniques
Kirk Paul Lafler SAS® Debugging 101
Kirk Paul Lafler & Mira Shapiro Point-and-Click Programming Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®
Kirk Paul Lafler & Charles Edwin Shipp Connect with SAS® Professionals Around the World with LinkedIn and sasCommunity.org
Kirk Paul Lafler & Charles Edwin Shipp Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® and JMP® Users
Kirk Paul Lafler & Charles Edwin Shipp What's Hot, What's Not: Skills for SAS® Professionals
Bruce Lund A Methodology for Selecting and Transforming Continuous Predictors for Logistic Regression
Paul A. Montagna Using SAS to Manage Biological Species Data and Calculate Diversity Indices
Warren Schlechte & John Barry Taylor Using Enterprise Guide for Table Joins and Sets
Charles Edwin Shipp Design of Experiments (DOE) Using JMP®
Charles Edwin Shipp JMP® Visual Statistics
Charles Edwin Shipp & Kirk Paul Lafler Downloading, Configuring, and Using the “Free” SAS® University Edition Software




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