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Note that additional presentations, including half day seminars and stat tutorials are being given by SAS Presenters.

Following is a list of presentation titles that have been submitted so far:

Exploring Many-to-Many Data Relationships with SAS® Software
New Vs. Old – Procs CONTENTS and COMPARE as Testing Tools
Using SAS for Analyzing Models with Qualitative Dependent Variables:   Case of U.S. Vehicle Crash Data
Advanced methods to Capture and Process Raw Data
Pattern Based Programming:  Why Patterns Can be Your Key to Success
-The advantages of Purposeful vs. Experience Based Programming
The Diverse SAS Practitioner – A Recipe for Best or Worst Practices:  A Meta-analysis Contrasting SAS-centric with Object-Oriented Programming Job Descriptions
Calling for Backup When Your One-Alarm Becomes a Two-Alarm Fire:  Developing Base SAS Concurrent Processing Models and Methods to More Efficiently Process Data
Extracting and Validating your CRF data through SAS
A review of optimal ridge penalty selection with SAS
Wow! You did that with SAS Stored Processes?
Try This!  A Short Anthology of Succinct and Useful Base SAS Programming Devices
A Comparison of Modeling Approaches to Estimate Fisheries Variable Costs
Selection and Transformation of Continuous Predictors for Logistic Regression
Building Better Credit Scores using Reject Inference and SAS
Challenges in Reshaping & Reporting Data – Overcome with Arrays and 'V' Function 
Using SAS to Manage Biological Species Data and Calculate Diversity Indices
Point-and-Click Programming Using SAS® Enterprise  Guide®
Output Delivery System (ODS) Tips and Techniques
Basic SAS® PROCedures for Producing Quick Results
A Review of "Free" Massive Open Online Content (MOOC) for SAS Learners
Connect with SAS® Professionals Around the World with LinkedIn and sasCommunity.org
Design of Experiments (DOE) Using JMP®
JMP® Visual Statistics
SAS® Debugging 101
Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® and JMP® Users
Exploring the SAS® Metadata DICTIONARY Tables and SASHELP Views
Conditional Processing Using the Case Expression in PROC SQL
Exploring the PROC SQL _METHOD Option
Five Little Known, But Highly Valuable and Widely Usable, PROC SQL Programming Techniques
What's Hot, What's Not – Skills for SAS® Professionals
Proc Format CNTLIN
Tying ODS with HTML & Proc Format with HTML
Loading a MS Access Database from Submitted Excel Templates 
The Call Execute Routine with Metadata:  A Powerful Tool for Dynamic Data Loading
Applications of Information Value During Model Development


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