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2015 Papers

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Author(s) Title Session
Andrew Kuligowski  Easy Come, Easy Go – Interactions between the DATA Step and External Files Data Management
Andrew Kuligowski  Parsing Useful Data Out of Unusual Formats Using SAS® Data Management
Andrew Kuligowski & Lisa Morrow Mendez An Introduction to SAS Arrays Foundations & Fundamentals
Andrew Kramer Contextualized Market Basket Analysis Student Symposium
Baibai Chen & Joe Singh Read in Thousands of Datasets with One Click! Data Management
Charles Edwin Shipp  Essential Data Step Merge and PROC SQL Join Techniques using SAS University Edition Software Foundations & Fundamentals
Charles Edwin Shipp  Top Ten SAS® Sites for Programmers:  A Review  Foundations & Fundamentals
Charles Edwin Shipp  Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® Users Student Symposium
Charles Edwin Shipp & Kirk Paul Lafler Using the Free SAS® University Edition Software Student Symposium
Crystal Carel  Let Dates Drive Your Data: A Simple Primer Setting up Macro Dates Continuing Education
Dari Mazloom SAS Macros – Advanced Subjects Continuing Education
Dari Mazloom SAS Macros – An Introduction Foundations & Fundamentals
Dari Mazloom Create and Format Excel Reports directly from your SAS code by Using SAS ODS Reporting, JMP, Data Vis, Stat Apps
Deanna Schreiber-Gregory  Latent Analysis Applications for Data Exploration and Regression Model Improvement Reporting, JMP, Data Vis, Stat Apps
Hassan Marzoughi  Using SAS for Analyzing Models with Qualitative Dependent Variables: Case of U.S. Vehicle Crash Data Data Management
Jimmy DeFoor  Coding Tips from Too Many Years of Programming Continuing Education
Jose Bird & D. Seillier Optimization of Refining Alkylation Process Unit using Response Surface Methods Reporting, JMP, Data Vis, Stat Apps
Kirk Paul Lafler  A Review of "Free" Massive Open Online Content (MOOC) for SAS® Learners Continuing Education
Kirk Paul Lafler  An Introduction to SAS® Hash Programming Techniques Data Management
Kirk Paul Lafler  Five Little Known, But Highly Valuable and Widely Usable, PROC SQL Programming Techniques Foundations & Fundamentals
Kirk Paul Lafler  Dynamic Dashboards Using Base-SAS® Software Reporting, JMP, Data Vis, Stat Apps
Kirk Paul Lafler & Charles Edwin Shipp What's Hot, What's Not – Skills for SAS® Professionals Continuing Education
Srinivas Vanam  Inside Functions and Macros Foundations & Fundamentals
Srinivas Vanam  Validation Summary using SYSINFO Foundations & Fundamentals
Srinivas Vanam, Phaneendhar Vanam & Mahipal Vanam Reassigning Character/Numeric Variables length across multiple datasets for Efficiency and Consistency Data Management
Srinivas Vanam, Rahul Baddula & Sreekanth Middela Numeric Variable Storage Pattern Foundations & Fundamentals
Troy Hughes  Toward Exception Handling Objectives, Actions, Outcomes, and Communications Continuing Education
Troy Hughes  Sorting a Bajillion Records: Conquering Scalability in a Big Data World Data Management





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