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Conference Seminars

The 2016 Forum will hold two half day Pre Conference seminars on Sunday, November 6th, 2016. Attendees will have an opportunity to develop and enrich their SAS knowledge by attending a morning and/or afternoon pre conference workshop from the list below. Please note that a separate $125 per seminar fee applies to all pre-conference training.

Advanced SAS® Programming Techniques

Instructor: Kirk Lafler           Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Conference Center A

SAS® users who have acquired basic skills presented in a SAS Software Basics course and want to expand their programming knowledge in the DATA and PROC steps will want to attend this Advanced SAS Programming Techniques course.

Attendees learn complex programming topics and techniques in the areas of data access, data manipulation, data management, data presentation, and more. Topics include DATA step programming techniques such as reading and writing data/output from/to MS-Excel spreadsheets; input buffer and program data vector (PDV) details; creating and using user-defined formats and functions; reshaping columns and rows of data with the TRANSPOSE procedure; coding and using one-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays, loops, and ranges; using operators and modifiers to search data; exploring the details associated with index rules and strategies; using specialized ODS techniques for improved output including ODS statistical graphics; and drill-down techniques.

Intended Audience: All SAS Users

Prerequisites: Minimum 1-year Base SAS programming experience

Course Material: Course notes are provided

An Intro to Building Business Intelligence Dashboards Using SAS Base Software®

Instructor: Kirk Lafler           Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Conference Center A

Organizations around the world develop business intelligence dashboards, sometimes referred to as enterprise dashboards, to display the current status of “point-in-time” metrics and key performance indicators. Effectively designed dashboards extract real-time data from multiple sources for the purpose of highlighting important information, numbers, tables, statistics, metrics, performance scorecards and other essential content on a single screen. This 4-hour course explores best practice programming techniques in the design of highly interactive, filterable, and drill-down dashboards using Base-SAS® software.

Attendees learn how to create effective dashboards with a purpose not in weeks or months, but in hours, using Base-SAS® programming techniques including DATA step, PROC FORMAT, PROC PRINT, PROC MEANS, PROC SQL, Enterprise Guide, ODS, ODS Statistical Graphics, PROC SGRENDER, PROC SGPLOT, PROC SGSCATTER, PROC SGPANEL, and PROC TEMPLATE.

Intended Audience: All SAS users

Prerequisites: Minimum 1-year Base SAS programming experience

Course Material: Course notes are provided

5 Ways in which SAS Enterprise Guide supports your SAS coding knowledge

Instructor: Charu Shankar           Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Conference Center B

Do you prefer to write code rather than use a point and click tool?  Do many point and click tools leave you wanting more choices?  Start with SAS Enterprise Guide and learn to add code.   Learn how EG can write the majority of the code for you yet still allow you to add programming syntax for additional customizations.

In this session you will learn

  1. How to use the Table Analysis task to help you write proc tabulate code
  2. How to get more stylish with the style manager.
  3. How to put reports together in a nice document package.
  4. How to use EG to create prompts which are SAS macro variables.
  5. How to join tables using a drag and drop method.  EG will automatically select the join criteria – but you can override that.

At the end of this session You'll be confident that EG can accomplish standard tasks and you’ll know that you can use your programming skills to modify and customize the code that EG generates.

Intended Audience: All SAS users

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